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Language mastery is the key that unlocks a world of limitless potential.

Students chart a course of intellectual growth, intercultural enrichment, and unlimited prospects at GISNY, where German and English serve as the foundation of an inspirational learning experience that leads to boundless individual and professional opportunities. 

We believe that the ability to seamlessly navigate in multiple languages is a valuable asset in today's globalized world. Our students not only become fluent in German and English, but also learn a third language to make their instruction truly international. 

Whether it's fostering diplomatic relations, excelling in global business, or pursuing careers in science, GISNY alumni thrive as communicators, critical thinkers, and intercultural ambassadors equipped to succeed in the global arena.

Listen in on students and faculty speaking in the hallways and you’ll quickly realize: GISNY is indeed a multicultural bunch!

Every lesson is a language lesson at GISNY. We integrate language instruction across all subjects, creating a language-sensitive teaching environment throughout the school – and we offer a variety of support classes to assist with language challenges. 

Bilingual Learning in Pre-K to Grade 12

At GISNY, language is integral to the learning experience. From a strong bilingual start in Kindergarten, to targeted language support in Lower School, to the addition of a third language in Middle and Upper Schools, language helps our students connect to the world (and each other!). 

No matter a student’s first language, we are deeply committed to helping each student succeed on their bilingual and multilingual journeys. 

Pre-K & Kindergarten

We unite children from both German and English-speaking families, fostering early bilingual skills through our unique "one teacher – one language" approach. 

Grades 1 & 4

We emphasize German proficiency while offering extensive English lessons, far exceeding typical German school standards. Music classes also enjoy a bilingual touch.

Grades 5 & Up

Students have an increasing number of bilingual classes in subjects like Biology, Geography, Music, and Art. American History is taught exclusively in English.

Grades 10-12

By grade 10, Physical Education, Music, and Art are primarily in English.


The Abitur exams in Music, Art, Biology, and Economics are bilingual, ensuring a comprehensive and balanced bilingual education. 


Express Yourself Elective  

For language enthusiasts in grades 8 and 9, the bilingual elective Express Yourself offers a captivating journey into creativity. This course splits into two segments: Creative Expression, where students dive into various forms of expression like experimental poetry and podcasting, and Jugend debattiert Nordamerika, a debate format that hones argumentative skills through discussion of controversial topics.



GISNY enriches students' linguistic journeys with an array of language extracurriculars, from Shakespeare workshops to differentiated instruction classes, theater, and beyond. Fifth graders collaborate on a German project, while tenth graders can immerse themselves in a cultural exchange in Bilbao, Spain.