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Signature Programs

The GISNY experience is defined by possibilities and potential. Our Signature Programs bring both to life. 

GISNY offers students a world of opportunities that go beyond innovative, rigorous academics. Our Signature Programs differentiate our curriculum, preparing students in Pre-K through Grade 12 with distinctive global advantages. 

By providing students with a broader, more expanded view of the world, GISNY students become responsible and compassionate citizens of the planet, both socially aware and inspired to contribute to the good of all. 

GISNY Students in Library with Head of School

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From a strong bilingual start in Pre-K to targeted language support in Lower School, to the addition of a third language in Middle and Upper Schools, language at GISNY is integral to the learning experience – and we are deeply committed to helping each student succeed. 

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As a STEM school, GISNY emphasizes mathematics, natural sciences, and technology at all grade levels. Our students gain the fundamental skills and knowledge for future-relevant topics, courses of study, and professions.

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Dual Diplomas

GISNY graduates earn both a New York State High School Diploma and the world-renowned German International Abitur, preparing them to attend the finest colleges and universities in the world. 

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Nature-Based Learning

Our Nature-Based Early Childhood Educational (NBECE) program brings our youngest students outdoors for most of their school day, where they explore, learn, and play on our picturesque 20-acre campus.

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Spiral Curriculum

With spiral curricula from Pre-K through grade 12, GISNY inspires students to experiment, collaborate, and think critically as they continuously build upon and expand their skills. 

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