Student Council

We strongly encourage active student involvement in school life at GISNY. The Student Council is the official voice of the student body and represents its rights and interests to the administration, faculty, and Parents’ Association. Each class from grades 5 through 12 elects two class speakers, who together form the Student Council. The entire Upper School additionally elects two student speakers to lead the activities of the Council. All student representatives come together several times each semester to discuss and vote on active concerns of individual classes and the student body as a whole. The two student speakers are also invited to Parents’ Association and faculty meetings, where they represent the views of the students.

The Student Council provides tutoring and babysitting lists for parents and is involved in keeping our school green as well as in promoting human rights issues.

Throughout the school year, the Council also plans fun and creative recreational events that bring our students together outside of the classroom, including movie nights, “Bashes” (dance parties), sports contests, and talent shows. To foster cross-cultural friendships, neighboring schools are invited on occasion to attend and mingle with GISNY students.

Participation in the Council’s activities provides our students with valuable leadership and teamwork experience, and we encourage all to run for election.

We congratulate this year’s elected student speakers, Nika Swope (gr. 10)  and Inga Weishaupt (gr. 11)

This year’s elected student advisors from the faculty are Ms. Meike Krah and Mr. Kerem Kruis.

We thank these teachers for their guidance and support to the student body.