School Regulations & Policies

*Update effective September 2021: all devices used in school need to have active anti-malware software.

  • GISNY Inclement Weather Policy: 

In case of inclement weather (snow, ice, etc.):

  1. The school will make announcements by 6.00AM on inclement weather days. As a general rule, GISNY will follow the White Plains School District decision.
  2. Check GISNY’s website for additional information. The school will also send an automated voice message to all community members but the school website should be your first resource. Please note that the automated system will begin delivering a voice message only after hearing a response i.e. “hello” and then a one-two second silence may occur before the message plays.
  3. If the onset of inclement weather occurs during normal school hours, you will be contacted by phone that emergency dismissal procedures will be in effect. We will follow your directions from the School Emergency Form. Here is a link to our procedure (English | German).
  4. If GISNY is closed, all associated programs on our campus will be cancelled.
  5. On a delayed start day, school will start at the stated time. Doors will open 30 minutes earlier; please do not drop off your children earlier than the delayed starting time and make sure supervision is available.

GISNY Student Rights and Code of Conduct Policy

Daily Class Schedule:

 Period Time  
 1.  8.30 -  9.15  
 2.  9.20 - 10.05  
 3.  10.20 - 11.05  
 4.  11.10 - 11.50  
 5.  11.55 - 12.35  Lunch period in the Lower School
 6.  12.35 - 13.15  Lunch period in the MS-HS
 7.  13.20 - 14.05  First Dismissal
 8.  14.15 - 15.00  
 9.  15.00 - 15.45  Second Dismissal
 10.  16.00 - 16.45  
 11.  16.45 - 17.30