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Hours: Effective Jan. 11, 2021

Mo – Fr  9:00 am – 1:00 pm 

Phone: (914) 948 – 6513 x206


Catalog: click here   

Our library offers an extensive selection of German and English books, including picture books, children's books, non-fiction, reference materials, and dictionaries. Books in Spanish and French are also available. There is a selection of DVD's and CD's as well.

Tips for using the online catalog:

  • For information on how to sign in and create your own password, check out this sign in tutorial
  • Students received their barcode during class; only students have accounts – not parents.
  • For information on how to request books, check out this book reservation tutorial.
  • Under “anywhere,” you are able search by author/producer, subject, or title. The button "enhanced search" allows combined research.
  • Words spelled in German with an "Umlaut" should be entered either as “ä” or “a” (“ae” will not work).
  • Titles marked with a green P are available in the library, titles marked with a red X are on loan or reserved. You may still request them.


Bb                picture books 
An                beginner readers
E                  YA fiction
R                  reference books (remain in the library)
B                  biographies
08                non-fiction series
Numbers      non-fiction, and adult and classic literature

How does the book check out and return work?

For the safety of all students and staff in the school, we are currently not allowing students or parents to come into the library.

To order books, students must use the online catalog. If there is an issue, we will email the student’s GISNY email address. For Elementary school students, the books will be places in the cubbies/boxes outside their classrooms. For the Middle and High school students, books will be left on the table outside their classrooms once per week. Books will have the student’s name labelled. The teachers will inform the class which days the library books will be delivered.

Students in Pre-K and Eingangstufe can order books after the Fall break. Instructions coming soon.

To return books, please place the books on the yellow cart outside the main entrance. Returns take 72 hours to process; after those 72 hours, students may have new books checked out to them.

If our library is missing a title you would enjoy, send us an email and we will try to order it for you (

How many books can you order?

Students may request up to 4 books but may only check out up to 2 books.

How can you currently buy school supplies?

The school materials should be ordered by email. They will be placed on the yellow cart outside the main entrance with the name of the student. Please place the payment in an envelope with the student’s name in the cash box.

A small selection of school supplies from Germany are available to purchase.

  • DIN A4 notebooks, lined or checkered   $1.50
  • Geo triangles   $1.50
  • Lamy Pens 
    • Pens for older students   $25.00
    • Pens for younger students   $20.00
  • Lamy Cartridges (5)   $2.50


How can I donate books to the library?

We will gladly accept donations; they should, however, be in excellent condition. The library does not need lexicons and dictionaries, or old, damaged, and stained books.

Donations can be placed on the yellow cart outside the main entrance.


Reading list for book presentations: LINK

Here you can download the reading list for book presentations in German Class. This list may not be complete and will periodically be updated. If students choose other titles for a book presentation, please make sure that the respective German teacher has agreed to it beforehand.


For any further questions, please contact our librarian, Mrs. Carla Köser.