Guest Student Request Form (1 Day Visit)

Grade 1 - 12

First name, last name
First name, last name
Please send in this request form at least one week in advance of the planned visit. (Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format)
I / We release GISNY from all liabilities and confirm that our child is fully insured during the time he/she will spend at school.
On the day of the visit, please sign in / or have your child sign in at the front office and bring $5 for lunch in the cafeteria.  
Visits for more than one day are not permitted. Please make sure to send in this application at least one week before the desired visit. 
Signature of parent/caregiverrequiredEntering your name counts as your signature.
First Name
Last Name
Entering your name counts as your signature.
You will receive a confirmation email within two work days. Please do not send your child to school before you have received this email.