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Diversity Equity Inclusion

At GISNY, diversity isn't just celebrated it's woven into the very fabric of our community, enriching the educational experience for all who walk through our doors.

Join us in embracing diversity, fostering equity, and championing inclusion!

DEI Mission

At GISNY, our mission is to be a dynamic, thriving learning community where diversity is embraced, equity is fostered, and inclusion is promoted in every aspect of school life. We are committed to creating an environment in which everyone feels welcome and valued for their unique identity.

Picture of hands with GISNY student's values.

DEI Vision

We envision GISNY to be a vibrant community where diversity is the cornerstone of belonging, being and becoming. We embrace and celebrate all the characteristics of our community members' identities: culture, ethnicity, language, religion, abilities, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, etc. We aim to cultivate a space of mutual respect where these diverse identities enrich the collective experience and educational journey. We aspire to prepare students to navigate and contribute to a multitude of worlds with empathy, understanding, and a sense of social commitment and responsibility.

Everyone is welcome.

DEI Practice

We are proud to have over twenty countries represented among our 420+ students, faculty and staff members, many of whom are multilingual. Our curriculum proactively engages with these diverse perspectives and is inspired by year-round initiatives that nurture the development of both the hearts and minds of our community members.

Our specialized initiatives and resources include:


DEI Club


GISNY students make a difference in their community! This year, our student-led club has chosen to focus on two key project areas: we're actively participating in various community service projects as part of our kids-for-kids and environmental clean-up initiatives. Additionally, we're dedicated to raising awareness about DEI topics within our community.

Buddy Days

We pair older and younger classes together to strengthen our school community and create an environment of mutual learning. Buddy activities, ranging from Eingangsstufe children crafting "good luck" posters for 12th graders' exams to school-wide events focused on school values and friendship, enrich the educational experience.

Two students crafting together

Cultural Corner


We look forward to exploring new cultures and gaining insights into important current events through engaging with the cultural corner boards, thoughtfully and lovingly prepared by GISNY parents. These displays not only educate but also inspire curiosity and foster a deeper appreciation for the diverse world we share. 

Calendar of Religious / Culturally Significant Days

Labor Day - No School
Rosh Hashana (at sundown)
German Unification Day
Rosh Hashana
Rosh Hashana

Support our DEI Fund



The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fund is committed to empowering programs and initiatives that champion and celebrate our community's rich diversity. This fund actively supports our mission to embrace diversity, foster equity and promote inclusion in every aspect of school life.



Looking for other ways to support? Find out more about our fund