Athletics Department


Bridging cultures, building community, and learning the importance of teamwork through opportunities that promote life-long fitness.


Please review this presentation which summarizes the goals of the GISNY after-school athletics program and interscholastic teams. LINK

Recreational Sports AGs 

We encourage all students in the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools to participate in after-school activities.  Sport AGs are offered in handball, basketball, climbing, running club, soccer, gymnastics and dance and will deal with the fundamentals.

Interscholastic Sports TEAMS

Modified Program (Middle School) Philosophy

The modified program is available to students in the seventh and eighth grades. At this level, the focus is on learning athletic skills, game rules, the fundamentals of team play and socio-emotional growth.

The modified program's primary objective is to provide a learning environment that promotes positive self-esteem and teaches life skills and basic athletic techniques. This program is designed to encourage maximum participation and opportunities for our young athletes to experience sport and de-emphasize winning as a main goal.  

Varsity Program (Upper School) Philosophy

The junior varsity level is intended for those who display the potential for developing into productive varsity level performers. Although team membership varies according to the structure of each program, students in grades 9 and 10 occupy the majority of roster positions. Students in grades 11 and 12 may also participate in friendly games. 

At this level, the athletes are expected to have visibly committed themselves to the program, team, and continued self-development. To this end, increased emphasis is placed on physical conditioning, refinement of fundamental skills, elements and strategies of team play, in addition to socio-emotional development. Junior varsity programs work achieving a balance between continued team and player development striving for victory.

Practice sessions are vital to a successful junior varsity team and player. For all team members, meaningful participation will exist over the course of a season; however, a specified amount of playing time is never guaranteed. With the goal of becoming a varsity athlete clearly in sight, students participating at this level are expected to demonstrate a high degree of dedication and commitment.


Every athletic activity comes with the risk of a possible head injury. It is important to educate your child and yourself about the possible risk of concussions.  At GISNY we follow the CDC HEADS UP Protocol. Below is a link to the CDC Concussion Resource page:

Athletics Department Staff

John DiBetta

Corinna Guerriere

Jacqlyne Thornton

Kamila Eisenberg