AG Guidelines

GISNY considers afternoon activities as extra-curricular activities that appear on school report cards without an assessment or evaluation.
Parents may sign up their children for AGs at the end of a school year for the first semester of the following school year through the GISNY homepage using Sign Up Genius. When signing up, it will be instantly clear which AGs will have openings. Confirmations of successful enrollment in each AG will be given during the enrollment process. Participation is for the semester (September through January) unless otherwise indicated.

Absence Due to Illness
Once a child is enrolled in an AG, attendance is mandatory. If your child is sick and will be absent, please notify the AG teacher via email and let the Front Office know. Email addresses are available on the GISNY website.
Excused Absence
In the event of a scheduled absence, please notify the AG teacher as soon as the conflict is known. The excuse should be in writing and handed to the AG teacher. In the Lower School, parents can hand a written note to the homeroom teacher who then will inform the activity teacher. A student may have up to three excused absences from an afternoon activity in a term (i.e. half a school year). Absence from an activity more than three times will disqualify the child and he/she may no longer participate in the activity. Parents will be informed by the school. Absences due to illness will not count toward disqualification.
All teachers offering an afternoon activity follow an attendance list so that successful participation can be noted on the report cards. Unless there is a school wide early dismissal, GISNY guarantees that activities will occur for all children in the Lower School. In case of an illness of a teacher, the school will find a substitute. Parents of children participating in after-school activities can rely on supervision until 3:45 PM. 
GISNY’s behavioral guidelines for children are expected throughout the school day including during AGs. School rules and guidelines will be enforced during AGs. AG teachers will have discretion to determine whether a child will no longer participate due to unacceptable behavior.