After School Program

The classes in our After School Program - which we call AGs, short for "Arbeitsgemeinschaft" - are designed to provide quality after school experiences for our students.

In addition to a wide range of enriching and fun after school activities, we also offer homework supervision for our students in grades 1 - 6. Please refer to the Homework Supervision website to sign up.

All AGs are taught by our teachers or outside professionals.

Types of AGs


These AGs are open to all students, subject to availability. Please read "How To Sign Up" on the right and follow these steps closely to help avoid any misunderstandings. 

GISNY AGs are taught by GISNY teachers and the fee per semester for each AG is $300 in grades 1-6. There is no charge for grades 7-12. Enrollment is final. Payment is due via credit card in SignUp Genius immediately. 

2. External AGs:

These AGs are open to all students, subject to availability. Sign up is the same as for our GISNY AGs. Classes are taught by professionals send by external companies. The fee varies depending on the class chosen.

2. Performing AGs:

These AGs are limited to those students chosen at the discretion of the AG teacher. Certain AGs, such as Marimba, Choir, Band and Theater require additional commitment and experience. To enroll in a Performing AG, you must contact the AG teacher directly. Please refer to the "AG Program" and the "AG description" page on our website for further information. Performing AGs are free of charge and enrollment is for the entire school year.

3. Extracurricular AGs:

These AGs are an extension of the GISNY curriculum and participation is encouraged. Extracurricular AGs are free of charge. Enrollment per semester via SignupGenius.

Other Important Information

There are two registration periods for all GISNY AGs, external AGs, Homework Supervision and After Care.

  • First semester: End of June of the previous school year for AGs starting in September.
  • Second semester: End of December for AGs starting in February. 

The sign-up will run for a week. You will be informed about the exact sign up periods in the weekly Newsletter and on this webpage.
SIGNING UP FOR AGs:  We use Sign Up Genius for our AG registration and strongly recommend that you create a free account BEFORE registration opens.  Please read "How To Sign Up" on the right and follow these steps closely to help avoid any misunderstandings.
PARTICIPATION GUIDELINES:  Please read through the AG Guidelines prior to the start of the program. AG teachers have the discretion to determine whether a child will no longer participate due to unacceptable behavior. 

News & Updates

Sign-up for the second semester opens on Monday, December 11th at 6 pm.

Please be advised that our school uses Sign-Up Genius to register for AGs.  New accounts can be set up at any time in SignUp Genius.

How To Sign Up

1. Go to the "AG-Program" page on our website. Choose from  Lower School-Middle School AGs (grades 1-6) or Middle & Upper Schools AGs (grades 7-12)

2.  For GISNY AGs, External AGs and Extracurricular AGs, click on the name of the AG to go to the Sign-Up Genius page for that AG.  For Performing AGs, you must email the teacher directly.


For questions and concerns related to the after school program, please email Mrs. Corinna Guerriere.