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Parent-Teacher Conferences

Conferences will take place online using your child's Teams account. Please login to Office 365 Teams with the credentials of your child at your selected time. The teacher will call you through the video feature in Teams.


📅 Conferences

Thursday, April, 25th from 4 pm -7:30 pm

📅 Sign-up Period

Monday, April 15th at 6 pm until Friday 19th at 12 pm.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If all of the time slots for your child's teacher are filled, please email the teacher directly to arrange for another date and time for your conference.  If you are not sure of the teacher's email address, you can look it up in the Faculty Directory.


Mr. Bajs (German, Economics)

Ms. Boser (kath. Religion)

Ms. Dell (German, English)

Mr. DiBetta (PE)

Ms. Dihrberg-Bracken (History)

Ms. Eisenberg (PE, English)

Ms. Encinas Cano (Spanish)

Ms. Fritsche (German, Ethics)

Mr. Göbel (kath. Religion): by appointment

Ms. Hegarty (English)

Mr. Hierath (English)

Mr. Himmelstein (Biology, Chemistry): by appointment

Ms. Hitzl-Samhaber (German, French, History)

Mr. Jessen-Thiesen (Math, Physics)

Ms. Kandler (English)

Ms. Kast-Meinhardt (Geography, History)

Ms. Kennedy (Arts)

Mr. Köhler (Math, Spanish)

Mr. Krah (German, History, Ethics)

Ms. Krah (German, Spanish, Latin)

Mr. Krause-Zeis (Chemistry, Maths)

Mr. Kruis (Music, Ethics)

Ms. Kruis (Music)

Dr. Lohberger (Math, Physics)

Ms. Mirza (Biology, English)

Dr. Mischner (German, Art, Maths)

Ms. Moncho (English, Am. History)

Ms. Plaisimond (French, Maths, PE)

Mr. Preuß (ev. Religion, German)

Mrs. Schmalhofer (English)

Mrs. Speckesser (German, French)