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WebUntis allows students and parents to gain insight into the day-to-day activities at our school. It will provide you with a variety of information including:

  • daily classes and weekly schedule for your child
  • changes in schedule (substitutions)
  • scheduled exams (subject, date)
  • homework assignments (subject, date, short description of assigned task)
  • assignments for school closures (e.g. snow days)
  • absences of your child (including excuse status)

Usernames and passwords will be distributed through the student's homeroom teacher during the first week of school. Please note that your login information for WebUntis is not the same as for Blackbaud and the school website. 

If you or your child can no longer access WebUnits, please read this handout on how to regain access to this program. (Link)

For those who need to access our WebUnits password reset form quickly, here is the direct link