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GISNY has partnered with food service provider Flik Independent School Dining (Flik) to provide all students and faculty with healthy, nutritious lunch options daily.  We are proud to have been certified by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA) and recognized by Westchester Magazine for offering an outstanding menu to our students.

Lunch menu

All students grades 1 to 12, as well as our teachers and staff, can choose their freshly made starters, entrées, and side dishes, as well as take advantage of our salad and sandwich bar in the cafeteria. The lunches for our Pre-K and Kindergarten (ES) students are served in their classrooms, family style.

In addition, students from grade 5 - 12 can purchase snacks in the mornings and during the morning break.

It is important that you inform Chef Paul Boos ((914) 948-6513 x 208) if your child has any allergies.