Oliver Frühwein

Oliver FrÜhwein,
Assistant Head of School 

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I was born and raised in Koblenz am Rhein. I also attended school and university in the Rhineland. After graduating from high school in 1991, I studied mathematics and physics at the University of Bonn. Upon receiving my teaching certification, I accepted a teaching position in Königswinter near Bonn.  After a short time in Siegen, I began working in 2004 at the Technical University in Aachen training teachers and developing new learning methods for physics. During this time, I also taught at a high school and in 2009, I was promoted to Deputy Head of School and able to continue my work in faculty training for the Cologne school district. When I received the offer from the German International School New York in 2018, we, my wife, our two children and myself, accepted with great enthusiasm.

The opportunity to work at such a prestigious school as GISNY in the school management is an exciting opportunity for me.  I am quite sure that the culturally rich program in the arts and athletics as well as a bilingual education is enormously important for the development and education of children and adolescents. However, competencies in the so-called MINT subjects, and in particular information technology, are also fundamental to the success of students.  As Deputy Head of School, I would like to support our students in their personal growth and provide them with a comprehensive education so that they have the best opportunities in life whether in the US, Europe or elsewhere.