Lars Hierath

Lars Hierath,
Head of School

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My name is Lars Hierath and in August 2018, I moved with my wife, Miriam, and two daughters, Yara and Jil, plus  our dog Junior to White Plains to work as Head of School of GISNY.

I spent most of my school years in Bremerhaven and graduated from high school in 1987. Already as a student, I was fascinated by the USA and completed an exchange year in Dayton, OH. After completing community service in Germany, I began my studies at the University of Bremen to become a high school music and English teacher. During my college years, I moved to Northern Ireland to study at the University of Ulster for two years.
The employment options for new teachers in Germany in the mid-90's were difficult and therefore, it took a while before I started my first full-time position at the central school Carl von Ossietzki in Bremerhaven. For me, this waiting period was a blessing because it allowed me to focus on my passion for music. I worked as a saxophonist in big bands and orchestras in different parts of Europe.
In 2006, my family and I moved abroad and we spent five wonderful years in Namibia, where I worked at a German school. When I returned to Germany, I started as a program director at the Johann-Gutenberg School in Bremerhaven and later became head of school. In 2015, I continued my career as head of school at the Lloyd Gymnasiums Bremerhaven.
The opportunity to lead German International School New York is a great honor and an endeavor to which I will dedicate myself with great passion. At the same time, life in the “Big Apple” New York is a dream come true that we will share as a family.