Edward K. Schlieben

Edward K. Schlieben, Administrator

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I was born in Chicago but at the age of 18 months my parents moved briefly to France for six months and then to Germany for nine of the next eleven years.  While in Germany my father was the principal at American military base schools in Landsberg, Neu Ulm and Munich.  However, my siblings and I attended German Waldorf schools during our stay which allowed us to grow up in two cultures with broad perspectives on the world.  Upon returning to the States, I spent my middle and high school years attending school in New York City.  I then studied at Marlboro College in southern Vermont completing my bachelor's degree in voice performance and later went on to receive my masters degree in private school administration from Columbia University's Teachers College.  I began my work in schools as an applied art and sports teacher and soon was asked to take on the duties of Director of Development at the Rudolf Steiner School in New York City.  In 1987 I was asked to assume the responsibilities as the first Verwaltungsleiter at the German School New York which I did in September of 1988.  After 10 years in that position, the last four of which I also was the Capital Campaign Director for the $5.5 million fundraising initiative to build the new gym, I took the position of CFO and Director of Administration at Convent of the Sacred Heart in Manhattan for three years followed by three years as the Administrator of the Rudolf Steiner School. During those six years I served on the German School Board, picking up my position of Verwaltungsleiter at the School again in September 2004.

As I conclude my 20th year of service at GIS, I am very happy to be a part of the School at such a pivotal moment in its biography with the infusion of tremendous input and energy from the Board and the community as a whole, as we expand but not change the School's mission.