Dr. Simone Bruemmer

Simone Bruemmer, Head of Lower School
Dr. Simone Brümmer, Head of the Lower School

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I graduated from high school in my birth town of Warendorf in North Rhine-Westphalia in 1988. After finishing an apprenticeship as a goldsmith, I started studying to become an elementary school teacher, which included two semesters abroad in Wichita Falls, Texas. I graduated from the University of Flensburg in 1995 followed by student teaching. My first teaching position was in Schleswig Holstein, where I also taught at the University of Flensburg. My husband and I moved then again to America. I spent four eventful years as a teacher at the German School on Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas. Furthermore, I was a member of a German research team on “International Achievement Motivation” and was able to complete my doctorate in psychology at the same time. From 2004 on, I worked for six years as a member of the school administration at a school in Schleswig Holstein.
Since August 2010, I have been the Head of the Lower School here at GISNY. I share the passion, enthusiasm, and responsibility of my team members to guide young people on their way to a first-class education with international values while preparing them for global challenges.  Our goal is to get there as a team. I am looking forward to a successful cooperation with the school community.