Andreas Dunker

Andreas Dunker, Business Manager
Andreas Dunker, Business Manager

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I was born in Rheinbach, at the foot of the Eifel, and spent a nice but short childhood there at the edge of the forest. From the age of 7 I lived in London, where I attended the German School London. In 1980 my father became the German ambassador in Luanda and in 1982 we moved to New York, where I went to Buckley School in Manhattan. This was followed by Rio de Janeiro, where I obtained my Abitur at the German School in 1989.

After military and community service, several internships and jobs as a lifeguard, detective and young entrepreneur, I joined the Foreign Service in 1992 and graduated as a Bachelor of Public Administration. 25 years in the foreign service took me to Marseille, Quito, Tallinn, San Salvador, Berlin, Port-au-Prince, Miami - often as the Administrator and for so-called secondments and crisis management lasting several months to Bangui, Chennai, Beirut, Santo Domingo, Ottawa and most recently Havana. I have been living and working in the USA since 2010, have set up my own company and ran two affiliates of European companies. In addition to German and English, I speak Spanish and French and still understand Portuguese to some extent.

I have 5 children, love dogs and the forest, to ride my gravel bike and I am a passionate Geocacher. In 2018 I cycled from Cologne to Santiago de Compostela, which deeply impressed me. I have been fortunate to be part of the GISNY school family since 2020 and I look forward to serving and helping shape it for a long time.