Mission Statement

German International School New York is a Pre-K through Grade 12 college preparatory institution which confers both the German Abitur and the New York State High School Diploma on its graduates. We challenge our students to take advantage of the rigorous academic instruction with its emphasis on critical thinking, as well as the multi-lingual, cross-cultural setting, to grow into socially and environmentally aware global citizens.

In 2022, GISNY has been awarded the seal "Excellent German School Abroad" for the third time.

The Guiding Principles of GISNY

Bridging Culture

We see ourselves as a community that encourages open-mindedness, tolerance and global awareness.  
As a school, we strive to foster and develop the German and English languages and promote German, Austrian, Swiss and American culture.

Learning as a Community

We see ourselves as a community that recognizes individuals and their unique attributes.
We aim to instill confidence and motivation, while supporting independent and critical thinking.
We take responsibility for our fellow citizens and environment, and consider the use of natural resources conscientiously.

Building Community

We see ourselves as a community where trust, respect and democracy are embedded in our work.
We promote open communication and mutually support one another in the achievement of our goals.
We, as students, teachers, parents and staff work collaboratively and accept mutual accountability for what we do.