GISNY Corporation

Board of Trustees & Membership in the GISNY Corporation

From a legal point of view, GISNY is a not for profit education corporation in the State of New York (the "Corporation"), governed by its Board of Trustees.

Please read this welcome letter. All parents are encouraged to become annual members of the Corporation, which entitles them to run for and vote for Board of Trustees members. Parents or legal guardians of a new student will become members of the GISNY Corporation unless membership is expressly declined on the Enrollment Agreement in the initial year. Annual dues of $60.00 per person will be invoiced separately.

If you would like to opt out of becoming a member of the corporation, please complete and submit this opt out form to the Front Office. 

If you initially opt out of becoming a member of the corporation and at a later time would like to become a member, a written application must be submitted and approved by the Board of Trustees

Here are the bylaws of the Corporation. (LINK)

The members of the GISNY Corporation meet once a year at the Annual Meeting of Members, which takes place in November/December. The members ratify and approve the actions of the Board of Trustees from the preceding year and vote on motions that require approval. On that same evening, the members elect five candidates for a three-year term to the Board of Trustees, which consists of fifteen elected members. Furthermore, any member of the corporation in good standing can submit a candidacy to run as a trustee