Board Committees


Trustees may serve on one or more committees as well as undertake special project work on behalf of GISNY.  Committees and their Chairs include:

  • Executive Committee: Dr. Michael Teufel (President), Dr. Ronald Frank (Chair), Rainer Kraft (Treasurer), Mr. Michael Meinert (Secretary), Oliver Bader 
  • Academic Committee:  Renate Kurowski-Cardello (Chair),William Coulter, Dr. Andreas Guldin 
  • Building Committee:  Michael Lee Meinert (Co-Chair), Matthias Reister (Chair) 
  • Finance & Audit Committee: Rainer Kraft (Chair), Oliver Bader, Dr. Andreas Guldin, Michael L. Meinert, Sandra Rehder, Matthias Reister
  • Marketing & Retention Committee:  William Coulter (Chair), Johananes Hano,  Rainer Kraft, Michael Lee Meinert, Sandra Rehder, Alexander Schmuck, Dr. Michael Teufel 
  • Personnel Committee: Renate Kurowski-Cardello (Chair), Dr. Ronald Frank, Dr. Andreas Guldin, Alexander Schmuck, Dr. Michael Teufel