Becoming a Trustee

Becoming and Serving as a Trustee

We welcome you to apply for membership on the GISNY Board of Trustees.  Please read all of the information below prior to completing your application.  

Membership in the German International School New York Board of Trustees is an opportunity to provide service to our school, both in terms of time, expertise and/or financial contribution. Beyond supporting and shaping the overall strategy of the school, Trustees engage in ongoing and project-specific service in and outside of specific committees to further strengthen GISNY academically, financially and socially.

Time Commitment and Expectations of Membership
Trustees should expect to spend, at a minimum, 10 hours per month fulfilling service responsibilities but must be prepared to dedicate up to 20 to 30 hours depending on the needs of the school. This is particularly true of Trustees in committee leadership positions. Trustees are not compensated financially for the significant time and resources they commit, but enjoy the satisfaction of knowing their contributions help sustain GISNY and support our school’s outstanding student outcomes and long-term institutional financial stability.
It is expected that each Trustee

  • understands and supports GISNY Mission, vision, and values,
  • acts in good faith at all times and in the best interests of the school in a non-partisan manner,
  • prepares diligently, attends faithfully, and participates constructively in all Board of Trustees meetings and related activities,
  • actively contributes to the work of the Board and it’s Committees,
  • participates regularly at events that are integral parts of the life of the GISNY community,
  • discloses promptly and fully any potential or actual conflicts of interest in accordance with the Board’s conflict of interest policies,
  • personally maintains exemplary ethical standards and
  • advocates GISNY’ interests and extends goodwill to one another and to all members of the GISNY community.

It is suggested that trustees commit to a minimum annual $1,000 tax-deductible donation to German International School New York.
Background Reading
All applicants should read and understand GISNY’ Mission, the By-Laws of the Corporation and the Handbook for German Schools Abroad aka “Handbuch für das deutsche Auslandsschulwesen” (available upon request from GISNY), the NY Attorney General’s Responsibilities of Directors of Not-for-Profit Corporations, NYSAIS Manual for Evaluation and Accreditation – Section Two “Governance and NYSAIS School  Governance - Underlying Principles. 

Are You A Fit?
If you believe you are a good fit to serve our school as Trustee, we thank you for your interest and look forward to receiving your completed application [pdf] or [word]. Inclusion of a resume is highly appreciated. Additional materials you perceive as relevant are welcomed. Completed applications should be submitted to the Board of Trustees [EMAIL].
Other Ways To Get Involved
Does serving as Trustee exceed the time commitment you are prepared to make? Please contact the Board to find other ways you can get involved as a volunteer serving GISNY.  Our school warmly welcomes volunteers and donors of all kind to support our ongoing work and special projects.  We thank you for your support!