In 2020, the Parents’ Association introduced the Classlist App, to help connect the school community. The free app offers an easy and secure way to communicate with other parents, to find people living close to you for car pooling or playdates, to help each other and to stay in the loop with what’s going on at the school. Information from the Parents’ Association will also be shared directly with the parents’ community here.

As a very mobile group of people,  our community has a great demand for a platform to buy or sell items that are specific to this country or which your kids have outgrown. Furthermore, new families benefit greatly from information on housing, doctors, restaurants, sports activities, etc., knowledge and experience that is already available in our community.  Classlist includes a marketplace that offers a place for all these topics.

Sign Up

Each parent or teacher can sign up by themselves by going to Choose “Join as Parent” and pick the German International School New York. Then enter your data and wait for approval.

New families will also receive an invitation at the beginning of each school year by your class parent representatives. Follow the link in the email to create your account. If you chose not to join, you will still receive all PA announcements as emails until you unsubscribe, but you cannot post anything.

Quick Start Classlist:

Classlist takes your privacy very seriously and follows the European General Data Protection Regulations. You can decide in your profile if your email address or phone number shall be visible to other parents from your children’s classes and grades. Parents from other classes can contact you through Classlist. To change your privacy and notification settings, go to your profile.

Feeds (symbol: little house): this is an overview of all your notifications. The system automatically adds the feed “All my activity”, which is a summary of all posts. There is also one group chat for each class & the year of your children. Years that have only one class, have only one chat group. Parents can create their own groups – either open for all to join or closed which special invitation. Everyone can post in these groups. You can find the parents’ groups at the bottom of the list.

Messages: Like WhatsApp, Classlist offers a messaging feature which allows you to contact other parents, even without knowing their telephone number or email address.

Calendar / Events: (symbol: calendar):  see here for official events from the PA. We do not use this feature very much, as our main calendar is the daily school calendar on the GISNY Homepage which also contains events by the PA & the Board of Trustees.

Marketplace: (symbol: store front):  This is like a physical blackboard. Everyone can post here.

  • Sell: post well maintained goods, like clothes, books, appliances, furniture, cars. Etc for sale or for free.

We also have a very popular WhatsApp Tag Sale group, which is best suited for smaller items that sell quickly: Join Here 

  • List: Share experiences, offer services, etc.
  • Want: Post lost items here or services you are looking for like babysitters, tutors, information about hairdressers, doctors, etc.

Parents: (symbol: two people). Find people of your class, your year group or the whole school and text them right here on Classlist. Texting to the whole school is only possible for the class representatives. Choose the map view to find people who live close by for playdates or car pooling. To be visible on the parent map, you have to opt-in to “parent map” in your profile. Your address is not never shown.

There is more, but for the beginning, these are the most important features. Enjoy exploring! You can send any questions you have to