The Classifieds

 As a very mobile group of people,  our community has a great demand for the possibility to buy or sell items that are specific to this country or simply because they are not needed anymore. Furthermore, new families benefit greatly from information on housing, doctors, restaurants, sports activities, etc., that is already available in our community.

THE CLASSIFIEDS platform is sponsored by the Parents‘ Association and offers everybody connected with the school the chance to exchange goods, offer services like childcare, tutoring, lessons or job offerings. But the platform also serves as a place to look for or post information helpful for settling in and meeting great people with similar interests. And last, but not least, the yellow pages allow hidden talents or regular businesses to advertise their services relevant to our school community.

  • All ads are free
  • Ads are visible for 90 days
  • Sign-up is required for posting
  • We kindly ask you to follow the common etiquette guidelines
  • Disclaimer: the portal has no moderated content. Offers do not reflect the belief of the school and offered services are not especially endorsed by the school.

 By clicking on THE CLASSIFIEDS logo, you will be directed to the password protected area of the school webpage:

 If you do not have access to the restricted area, please contact for further information.