Newcomers' Club

from left: Fatma Mascher, Nadja Morales, Ana Gradim-Pedro & Sabine Potrykus


Each school year is characterized by many new faces, new students, as well as their parents.

The students usually adapt very quickly to their new environment, partly because of the help and guidance they receive from their classmates, who may also have had the experience of being new and in a foreign place themselves.

The aim of the Newcomers' Club is to support these new families while they are getting accustomed to their new life here in New York, and to build a strong school community. Get togethers, breakfasts and other socializing events are hosted to provide an opportunity to chat, to get to know each other or maybe even to become close friends.

Throughout the school year, we will organize various excursions to New York City and around. An overview of the school year 23/24 will be posted on this website. 

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Looking forward to meeting you!

The Newcomers' Club Team

Fatma Mascher, Nadja Morales, Ana Gradim-Pedro & Sabine Potrykus

Excursions & Events

For each event we will send out a separate invitation with RSVP link, joining is only possible after signing up.

Looking forward to seeing you!


10/18: Get Together
Join us for an informal Wine & Cheese Evening at the school’s cafeteria


11/2: Sunnyside
We will tour Washington Irvings' Sunnyside Mansion in Hudson Valley

11/17   Ladies Night
Ladies: Let’s go ice skating at Bryant Park’s Winter Village


12/7: Forgotten Husbands
Gentlemen: Join our NYC Christmas Magic evening guided tour

12/12: NYC Christmas Tour
Our beloved Christmas Magic morning tour is truly a NYC highlight!

For details on our excursions and events, please e-mail us at 

More information will also be announced in our WhatsApp Chat.