Class Quilt Online Auction

Congratulations to the winners of our 2020 quilts auction.

The Gala Team is excited to report that the auction raised $4,374.00. The beautiful quilts found a happy home! Thanks to YOUR support this auction was a success.

The money raised will be used to support the Science Wing Project. If you did not have  the chance to win or participate, and would like to support the renovation and construction of 4 modern science classrooms at GISNY, you can make a fully tax deductible donation on our website.

A big thank you to all who helped make the auction possible:

  • The students and the teachers who designed the quilts.
  • The amazing cutting-and sewing volunteers, who worked hundreds of hours to sew over a short 6 weeks to make these incredible quilts.
  • All those who contributed fabric and materials towards the project.
  • All the parents and GISNY FANS, who bid on the quilts or donated to the Science Wing Project.

In a true GISNY spirit, our great community showed again what can be accomplished when a diverse community pulls together with a unified purpose.

Your Gala Team


Dear parents, teachers, and friends of GISNY,  

We hope you are doing well, despite the difficult times we are all going through right now.

As you are aware, we had planned to host our annual Gala on March 14, 2020 to raise much needed funds for our Science Wing Project. Unfortunately, with the sad turn of events by COVID 19, we had to postpone the Gala and turn our focus to the health and well being of our immediate and greater community.

Contrary to our hopes, the current situation does not allow us to organize a Gala at the end of June as originally desired. With this in mind, we have decided to postpone the celebrations this academic year for both practical and compassionate reasons. We are still dedicated to the Science Wing Project and fully intend to see it to fruition, but not at this particular moment.

At this point, we would like to again thank those of you who have successfully obtained prizes for our auctions and also to thank all parents, teachers and administrative staff who helped organizing this major event and sewing the class quilt project.

A special thank you goes to the following people, who helped us setting this Gala with a lot of time and efforts: Mariola Krieg (pictures), Inna Marquard (auction items), Daniela Naeve (Logo design), Marion Rumpf-Steppat (technical support), Peggy Voigt (flowers) and the Administration Team, who always kept an open door to our demands (Carol Klessen, Marina Lopatukhin, Marina Lula, Diana Puschner, Rebekka Riemann, Claudia Schwartz, Lucie Stiebel). Last, but not least, Ed Schlieben, for his enthusiastic and unconditional support to this exciting project.

Gala Tickets Return

Due to the postponement of the Gala to the next school year, and taking into account the fact that some of you will not be able to attend at that time, we have decided to extend exceptional options to return your tickets. Of course, tickets in your possession will remain valid for the next Gala, with no additional cost or action on your part. If you do not wish to save your place at the next Gala, ticket holders may choose to donate the ticket cost to the school, fully or partly (as a fully tax deductible donation, and receive a receipt of such) or request a refund of the ticket cost. To take advantage of these opportunities, please follow this link: to inform us of your preference. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Regarding the class quilts and auction items, we are still discussing the best solution to honor the sentimental and symbolic nature of these items, respecting the circumstances of our community, while not losing sight of their original purpose to support the Science Wing Project, especially at a time when the need for quality scientific education is so evident.

We are all in this together and we are grateful for your support and patience as we try to figure out the next steps.

Take care of yourself, stay healthy wherever you are. We will keep you informed of the latest developments.

Thank you again for your support!

Your Gala Team