GISNY Campus of the Future: Science Wing Project

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Because of you we reached ourgoal of $1,500,000!

The Science Wing Project Capital Campaign was the latest phase in our 'Campus of the Future' after the completion of our building extension in 2018. Our school has a fantastic science curriculum, supported by experienced, forward-thinking instructors, but they can only teach with resources they have available. The school identified the need to update our science classrooms to help our children explore science-related fields fully. The more we examined the current facilities the clearer it became what wonderful additions to our strong curriculum would be made possible through a full revision of the science classrooms and in particular the addition of a Maker Space (Science Lab) which would make projects in the fields of design thinking, life sciences, and artificial intelligence possible. As we move into a world where these disciplines become increasingly necessary, our children need spaces to develop critical skills and foster relationships through collaborative partnerships with cutting-edge companies in the area. To make our students competitive in a technologically advancing world, our facilities need to reflect, support and encourage the education of the future.

With your support, we can achieve our 3 main goals:

Example for a Maker Space room (Science Lab)

Mr. Edward Schlieben, GISNY's Senior Counselor of Philanthropy and Donor Engagement, is happy to answer any of your questions.


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