Covid-19 Response

Daily Student, Faculty, and Staff Health Screening

GISNY is screening everyone entering the building. Every school day, after 5:00 am, please take your child's/children's temperature and fill in the form for that day using the account. 

For complete details on procedures, please read our Daily Health Screening Policy.


Tuesday, 6/15/2021

Wednesday, 6/16/2021

Thursday, 6/17/2021

Friday, 6/18/2021

Please bring the result(s) on the display of a mobile device or as a printout to school for entry into the building.

Filling out the form electronically will greatly speed up the sign-in process. If you are unable to do so, please print, fill out, and sign the pdf below.

Print out version: GISNY_Health_Screening_Form_PDF

Visitor Health Screening Form PDF

Weekly COVID Testing by LabQ

We are offering Covid19 tests (nasal swab) for anybody who is interested on Fridays at 2 pm at the gym. At least 50 need to sign up to enable testing to take place. Those that sign up will be notified if testing cannot take place, because the minimum number of participants was not reached. Family of students may also sign up for a test. Please sign up by 3 pm Thursdays of the week of the test. Results are expected back on Saturdays or Sundays and will be sent to the account you logged in with to fill this form. Please check that account for results.

Please note that the school has not been and is not the provider for this test. GISNY is merely facilitating the contact between you and LabQ Diagnostics as a courtesy and in another effort to help keep the school safer and the numbers down. Please consult the website of the lab with any questions or contact the lab directly. Please remember that they may have very high processing volumes at the moment and may not be able to respond in a timely fashion.

Lab G Diagnostics   140 58th St, Brooklyn, NY 11220    Phone (718) 534-5227

Please log in with your child's  @gisny account to fill out the form and receive a COVID test kit by LabQ Diagnostics. We will upload separate forms for each week. 


Please do not participate in this test if you have any symptoms or if you have tested positive in the last 90 days before the testing date. Please contact your health care provider if you have symptoms.

One separate form should be filled for each person requesting a test kit.

Further COVID Testing Dates for June

June 18th

COVID-19 Information