Technology Rules, Agreement & Consequences

Technology Rules

Please click to read complete agreement Technology Rules and Agreement and our Remote Learning Etiquette guidelines. 

GISNY would like its students to become familiar with the new information and communication media and use them judiciously and with scholarly intent. To ensure everybody’s safe use, students need to adhere to the following rules.

• For grades 5th through 9th cell and smartphones remain switched off during the entire school day, and digital media and the internet will only be used under a teacher’s supervision for educational purposes.

• Upper School students (grades 10-12) may use electronic devices during their free periods and recess in their classrooms and upper grade lounge only, provided that these devices are being used for reading, silent communication, and/or listening to music with headphones only.

• I am only going to use electronic devices for the educational purpose indicated by the teacher.

• I will not copy or download software in school for my private use. All programs and software may only be installed with the teacher’s permission.

• I will not change any settings on the hard and software on the school’s computers and iPads.

• I will not give anyone else my passwords.

• I will not divulge my own or other people’s personal information on the internet.

• Most movies, texts, pictures, and music on the internet are copyrighted. I will not copy such material.

• For the purpose of my student reports and papers that remain unpublished, I may use copyrighted material provided I always indicate its author and source.

• I will not copy, change, and/or publish the work of other students without their permission.

• I am aware that my school does not permit pornographic and racist material nor does it permit sites that depict violence. I will not consume or search for such sites and materials.

• I will use proper and respectful etiquette when communicating with others in school and in e-mails, message boards, chats, apps etc. I will not insult or threaten anyone.

• I will not publish any work on the internet without my teacher’s permission.

• If I happen to receive doubtful e-mails or if I encounter doubtful sites on the internet, I will immediately inform my teacher.

•  I understand that I am subject to disciplinary action for violating the school technology rules

Technology Consequences and Procedure


  • Tier 1 –
    • Student loses ability to use the device for the rest of day-the device is taken away. 
    • Student must retrieve the device from Herr Fruehwein’s office.
    • Student has to sign into the binder to retrieve the device.

*  Students get two chances on this tier.

  • Tier 2 – 

A parent has to come to retrieve the device from school from 2:05-4:00pm or the next morning from 7:30-8:30am.

  • Tier 3 -  
    • Conference with the parents is recommended. (homeroom teacher and parents).