Distance & Blended Learning


At GISNY, we are proud to deliver high-quality education in person and through distance learning.  We are committed to providing continued academic excellence even through required school closures that last longer than two consecutive days.

Our faculty, from Pre-K to 12th grade created developmentally appropriate methods to educate all learners through a Blended Learning Plan (Pre-K-4th grade) and a Distance Learning Program (grades 5-12).

The success of both endeavors is dependent on careful planning by our dedicated faculty, appropriate student motivation and engagement, and strong parental support for this alternative mode of instruction. These learning experiences will expand our students’ academic progress and attend to student social and emotional well-being.

Our Distance Learning Program & Blended Learning Plan have been proven successful, but to further develop this concept we will continue to conduct comprehensive evaluations that include feedback from the entire GISNY community, collaborate with our partner schools, and implement technological advancements as appropriate.