8th Grade BYOD Class

Technology is implemented into lessons beginning in first grade, and the use of technology continues up until graduation. Technology is introduced gradually through the school's technology curriculum.

However, beginning with 8th grade, digital technology and computers will be integrated into the school day on a regular basis. The concept of “BYOD” (bring your own device) which means students will use their own laptop or tablet (e.g. iPad) in school is used by the 8th grade class. The 8th graders will transition from the traditional teaching and learning model to modified electronic learning.  Meaning that, students use their preferred device to take notes, create presentations, conduct research, and use online educational materials such as, online textbooks.  Students still have certain materials that are “hard copies”, but predominately use technology in this blended learning approach.
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Effective September 2021, all devices must have an anti-malware software installed.