Technology @ GISNY

Computer technology has become an integral part of our daily lives today. Our children use digital media for entertainment and communication. As a school, we feel that we have the responsibility to teach our students how to use digital media appropriately and with academic purpose.
Information Technology Department
Mr. Alex Suero is the Head of the Information Technology Department at GISNY and manages and supports the technology infrastructure at our school. This entails updating and maintaining the school’s network, server, iPads, Smart Boards and projectors, and Chromebooks. In addition, the IT Department assists students and staff with their devices, regular assistance with our BYOD to school classes, and external devices such as, Apple TV and printers. The IT Department also monitors the safety of internet use by implementing internet safety measures through our school network.
Lower School Technology
Students are introduced to technology gradually starting in first grade and progressively learn to use various technology in more in depth ways as they reach fourth grade.  Technology use is integrated into lessons through content area subjects, but no formal technology classes are taught.  Students in grades 1st to 4th also use iPads and Chromebooks during their lessons to use programs such as, Power Point, Google Documents, educational apps, and conduct internet research.  All Lower School classrooms have Smart Boards, iPads and/or Chromebooks, Apple TV, and shared wireless printers.  In addition, our Kindergarten and Pre-K classes share and use iPads for special projects and educational programs.
Middle & Upper School Technology

In our middle/upper  school, students expand on their knowledge and practice of technology which they received in the lower school. In grade 5, the subject ITG (Information Technology Literacy) is taught for one hour so that students have a common base of technology knowledge for their future academic studies at GISNY. During school hours, learners use MS Teams as a collaborative learning environment and Office 365 apps for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations, among other things. Student receive a school-issued email address with access to the Office365 suite online. 

All classrooms are equipped with Apple TVs and Smartboards. Four mobile iPad carts are used as needed. Students in grades 5-7 are provided with a school-owned Chromebook. In 8th grade, students begin using the "bring your own device" concept. Detailed information on this topic can be found at the link: "8th Grade BYOD".   

Competencies in Technology

To foster greater transparency,  we have aligned our IT competencies with the KMK “Education in the Digital World standards”.

The overview below shows the KMK competencies as they are utilized by grade level at GISNY. In the Lower School, the standards are integrated throughout the daily learning process. In the Middle / Upper School, the standards are embedded into each subject, the details of which can be found within each individual curriculum.

Competencies in Technology PreK - gr. 12