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Student Services

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At GISNY, we are committed to providing a comprehensive, barrier-free education to all of our students.

Inclusion lies at the heart of our practice, and we are dedicated to creating academic and behavioral strategies that enable all of our students to achieve their full learning potential.

Our team of resource specialists at GISNY offers a comprehensive range of services:

  • Support for students with individualized learning plans
  • Guidance and advice to both teachers and families
  • Professional development sessions on vital topics such as classroom management, supporting neurodivergent learners, special education services, and more
  • Implementation of accommodations in both the classroom and during assessments
  • Collaboration with local entities, including the White Plains school district, to coordinate additional services

Teacher pointing out something to a student


At GISNY, our School Nurse Office is more than just a room – it's a sanctuary for students' well-being. From everyday bumps and tummy aches to more complex health issues like migraines or fevers, our nurse is here to provide expert care and comfort.

Ensuring your child's health is our top priority, with attentive support until you can pick them up if they fall ill during the day.

But our nurse does more than just care for individual students. She is also the guardian of compliance, making sure GISNY meets all New York State health regulations.

From immunization standards to preventing the spread of illness, our nurse keeps our school community safe and thriving.