Science Wing & MakerSpace

Emerging technologies, design thinking, life sciences, and artificial intelligence are topics that are becoming increasingly important to young people. GISNY offers its students an ideal learning environment to acquire skills in these fields, practice critical thinking, and put what they have learned into practice. 

Opened in 2022 thanks to generous donations and grants, the state-of-the-art Science Wing, the latest project on GISNY's "Campus of the Future," provides science classrooms, a brand-new MakerSpace (Science Lab), and cutting-edge technology. This excellent environment complements the school's challenging science curriculum. Students use their creativity and applied learning to experiment and develop their own projects. The MakerSpace serves as a collaborative space for discovery, facilitates interactive learning, and also provides excellent opportunities for mentors. The specialized spaces meet the standards of world-class German laboratories and feature state-of-the-art technology and innovative design. 

The Science Wing also offers ideal conditions for cultivating carefully selected collaborative partnerships with market-leading companies and recognized universities in Germany and abroad, giving our students insights into the world of science, research and practice. This offer supports GISNY's claim to optimally support young people in their education and make them competitive for a technologically advanced world.  



Open MakerSpaceJust stop by & let's make it!

GISNY offers students as well as teachers the opportunity to work on their own projects in the MakerSpace and to use the full range of equipment (including 3D printer and scanner, Makebox laser cutter, Cricut machine, keyboard and mixing console, green screen & PC for video productions). 

Video GISNY Science Wing

Video GISNY MakerSpace