STEM Curriculum

NaturE Based Kindergarten program

Pre-K & Entrance Level/Eingangsstufe



Our nature education program allows children to observe and discover nature in their immediate environment and explore scientific phenomena. Nature classrooms on our spacious school grounds provide opportunities for active learning through experimentation and observation. In addition, children use the MakerSpace in the Science Wing, which is equipped with child-friendly tools and height-adjustable furniture. In both learning environments, kindergarteners conduct age-appropriate science experiments and are introduced to STEM topics through play. The goal of GISNY is to give children the opportunity to be curious, expand their knowledge and optimally support their development into independent and responsible individuals. 

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Grades 1 - 4 


In elementary school, we offer the subject of science. The MakerSpace is equipped with appropriate materials and serves as a subject room. Our students observe, research, experiment, reflect and document on topics such as living beings and habitats, nature and technology, space, time, the individual and society. The children's interests and learning needs are taken into account in a differentiated manner. The lessons support the children in acquiring culturally and scientifically significant knowledge and form a reliable basis for independent action and learning in secondary schools. 

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Grades 1 - 12 


Through mathematics, our students develop their skills in logical thinking and problem solving, as well as an understanding of quantitative relationships and structures. They learn critical thinking and the ability to understand and apply abstract concepts. For GISNY, mathematics is an essential tool for developing our students' analytical skills, which are critical for success in many areas of life. Since we are particularly concerned with the interconnectedness of the various subfields of mathematics such as geometry, algebra, and calculus, they are brought together in the classroom using application references. 

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Mathematics Curriculum: Kindergarten - Grade 4 

Mathematics Curriculum: Grades 5 – 12 

Information technology (IT)

Grades 1 - 12 


IT education at GISNY is anchored in all subjects. We place a special emphasis on teaching digital literacy in elementary school and continue this in high school. Our students are empowered to communicate safely online and to use digital tools and technologies. They develop critical thinking and, creative problem solving. Our goal is to prepare them for the future and provide them with skills they will need to succeed in an increasingly digital world. GISNY has a modern and digital learning platform, Microsoft Teams, that is integrated school wide.  

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Teaching IT skills 

Info: "Bring Your Own Device" (from 8th grade)  

FAQ: "Bring Your Own Device" (from 8th grade) 


Grades 5 - 12 


In Biology, our students learn basic concepts of biology and cover topics such as the cell, genetics, evolution, ecosystem, and the human body. The object is to create awareness of environmental issues, as well as teaching about the importance of biodiversity to life on Earth. In this context, the practical-experimental part of biology lessons plays a prominent role, which is made possible by extensive equipment. The curriculum also includes interdisciplinary elements with the subjects of chemistry and history. 

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Grades 7 - 12  


In physics, our students deal with fundamental topics such as energy, motion, electricity and matter. On the one hand, they learn how physical laws can describe everyday natural phenomena, and on the other hand, how physical knowledge is applied in the development of technologies that improve our lives. Since the experimental method plays a prominent role in gaining physical knowledge, our students regularly experiment in class. In doing so, they apply digital data acquisition systems at an early stage. In this way, the subject content of physics is linked to modern scientific methods. 

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Grades 8 - 12 


In chemistry, our students learn about basic chemical concepts such as atoms, molecules, chemical reactions, and periodic table systems, as well as experimental laboratory work. The goal of chemistry classes is to raise awareness of chemical phenomena and create an understanding of how chemical processes work in the world around us and affect us and our environment. In this context, the subject of chemistry at GISNY often establishes a connection to everyday life that is recognizable to the students, and works together with the subjects of biology, physics, and history in a subject-connecting manner. 

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Grades 8 - 9 


The Junior Engineer Academy (JIA) is a unique and fascinating opportunity for students who are enthusiastic about technology, science, and innovation. In the JIA, students can develop their creative skills and develop future-oriented projects. In grades 8 and 9, JIA can be taken as an elective subject. The course is divided into four semesters in which topics such as robotics, 3D printing, electronics, programming and bio-chemical processes are worked on in team projects.  

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