Technological developments and scientific findings are causing rapid change in today's professional and everyday world. GISNY places a special emphasis on comprehensive education in the STEM subjects of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology to prepare our students for the future. 

As a STEM school, GISNY aims to optimally prepare its students with fundamental skills and knowledge for future-relevant topics, courses of study and professions. STEM plays an important role in all grade levels at GISNY, from Pre-K to elementary school to high school. From our nature-based kindergarten through our high school curricula, children and teens learn how our natural worlds work using existing technology while designing their own projects.

Our students are supported by outstanding teachers when developing these projects. They have access to a state-of-the-art Science Wing, an innovative MakerSpace and extensive IT equipment. Last but not least, they gain in-depth insights into the modern working world through our carefully selected STEM cooperation partners, who are highly recognized in science and industry.