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Pre-K and Kindergarten

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Start your child’s education outdoors – exploring, learning, and playing!

Experience the warm, nurturing environment of GISNY’s Pre-K and Kindergarten programs, where our youngest students spend most of their school day outdoors as part of our Nature-Based Early Childhood Educational (NBECE) program. 

Always led by one German and one English-speaking teacher, GISNY's Pre-K and Kindergarten programs offer children aged 3-5 a safe, inspiring place to embrace discovery both indoors and out. Small classes, bright and spacious classrooms, and beautiful school grounds create the ideal place for young students to learn and grow.

We invite your family to come explore with us!

Learning Outdoors

GISNY’s unique Nature-Based Early Childhood Educational (NBECE) program actively connects children to the natural world – and to each other – as they use the great outdoors to stimulate curiosity, develop critical thinking, and acquire valuable knowledge. 

Research shows that children who spend lots of time outdoors experience long-term academic benefits; and children in nature-based programs have more opportunities to creatively solve problems, explore their interests, and engage in gross motor activity. 

From learning to count with rocks to seeing lifecycles of living things up close to building letters and pictures out of found objects, children who view the natural world as their classroom have endless opportunities to grow and develop.

 Our Campus


You will be surprised by how quickly your child naturally acquires the language concepts and skills that become the building blocks of bilingualism and literacy here at GISNY. 

While many students join our program speaking only one language, bilingualism blooms under our “One Teacher, One Language” approach, which exposes children to both English and German throughout the day. In just a matter of months, many Pre-K and Kindergarten students are playing with classmates using their new second language!

Benefits of Bilingual Education 

Individual Learning Journey

We meet the needs of each child by creating an environment that encourages social, emotional, and cognitive development as part of an individual journey – not a prescribed timeline. This helps students grow into confident, independent learners. The one thing you won’t find in GISNY’s storybook-like Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms is pressure. 

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