Summer Reading Assignments

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We hope this letter finds you well as we near the end of the school year.  Summer has arrived, and while we want all students to enjoy themselves with family and friends, we also know that it is crucial for students to read during the break, not only for enjoyment but also to keep their skills sharp. With this in mind, we ask that all middle/upper school students read at least one book. Please choose a title from the provided lists on the right. We have also included several links to practice grammar skills over the summer.

Students entering grade 5 are required to read the novel A Cricket in Times Square by George Selden.

In order to retain and/or strengthen reading and writing skills, we encourage students to take notes as they read. When we return to school in September, students will work on assessments, activities or assignments based on the book, so please make sure your child finishes it by the end of the summer and brings it on the first days of school. Students will be able to use their books and notes for all writing activities.        

To foster a deeper understanding of the text and to read with purpose we recommend annotation. Please see the additional information on the right.

To build vocabulary, please have your reader keep a vocabulary log. This can be a separate document, or they can keep track of new, interesting or difficult words in the novel they are reading.  We have included a document with a sample vocabulary log.

For our younger readers, here are some suggestions from librarians to make reading a fun summer activity:

  • Make reading a part of your family’s daily routine by setting aside some time to read every day.
  • Schedule time to visit the library. Included in our summer packet is suggested reading and a calendar of amazing events from your local public library.
  • Help your children find books about things they are interested in. Expose them to different authors, characters, and genres.
  • Read to your children, let them read to you. Talk to your children about what they are reading and what they liked about the book or how

We wish you and your child a wonderful summer.  Happy reading!


The GISNY English Department

Ms. Hegarty (Head of the English Department) can be reached at: