Websites and Apps

Lower School English Department
The English Department utilizes technology during instruction in various ways.  We use educational websites, the interactive whiteboards (located in each lower school classroom), iPads, and soon Lenovo Chromebooks.  Some of the resources used during our lessons can be found below.  If you would like more information about technology use in the classroom please contact your child's teacher.
All students in grades first through fourth use the Raz-Kids reading program.  RAZ-KIDS is an interactive reading program utilized by our English department.  This program is an online leveled-books library for grades Kindergarten through fourth.  In addition to reading level appropriate materials, students answer reading comprehension questions, listen to stories, and earn points for completing assignments.  Students can utilize the program in school, at home, or from any mobile device. 
“The Raz-Kids animated leveled books and interactive quizzes give educators choices. Students listen to books read aloud, read with vocabulary and pronunciation support, and read without support. They read freely in the book room. Or, teachers easily limit students to appropriate reading levels and specific books and track student reading progress. Students can practice reading to improve reading comprehension and reading fluency anywhere with Internet access” ( Website)

Students improve their reading skills by:

Listening for modeled fluency
Reading for practice
Recording their reading
Checking comprehension with quizzes

There is also an app for the program named: KIDS A-Z.  Students can use the same username and password to access the app.  However, some features from the website are not available on the app.
iPad Apps for English:
Applications used on our school iPads change throughout the year.  The list below is an example of iPad apps that are currently being used.
Scholastic News Magazine, KIDS A-Z (Raz-Kids), Word Bingo, Starfall ABCs, Spelling City, Sight Word Ninja, Grammaropolis, Grammar Wonderland, Montessori Crosswords, and Making Words
Websites for English:

Raz-Kids (same as the app, just the website version)
Sheppard Software: English language games as well as other educational topics such as science and geography
ABCya!: spelling, grammar, and reading games
Roy the Zebra: spelling patterns, alphabetical order, guided reading and interactive reading activities
Starfall: word and letter recognition, reading activities, and more
Storyline: interactive and guided reading activities 
Vocabulary: spelling and vocabulary games
Dance Mat Typing: typing program for elementary school
Power Point: tutorial and guide to using the program