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Lower School

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Discover endless imagination, curiosity, and fun in the art-adorned hallways and sun-filled classrooms of GISNY Lower School. 

Here, students in Grades 1-4 embrace an interactive, interdisciplinary, challenging, and joyful curriculum that prepares them for the academic rigors of Middle and Upper Schools. 

Using a cross-curricular teaching approach, our outstanding faculty inspires and challenges students to think creatively and critically, develop a solid foundation in mathematics and science, and explore diverse topics in art and music.

Come see how GISNY Lower School opens young minds to the complex connections that shape our world!

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Building Bilingualism

Lower School students learn to read fluently and express themselves clearly in both written and spoken German and English. First-grade students must demonstrate a basic understanding of German, and students in grades 2-4 must have the ability to perform at grade level in German.

To establish this solid bilingual foundation, most subjects are taught in German and all students receive daily individualized English instruction by our native English-speaking teachers. This ensures students are prepared for the German International Abitur (DIA) curriculum in the Middle and Upper Schools. 


The Benefits of Bilingualism

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Growing Worldview

Students develop cultural understanding by taking pride in their backgrounds and their differences, sharing cultural heritages and traditions through classroom projects and school-wide celebrations. 



Students observe and discover nature and explore scientific phenomena on our spacious school grounds, in the MakerSpace, and in the Science Wing, conducting age-appropriate experiments and learning STEM topics through research and play.

The Arts

Our young minds explore the vibrant world of art, unleashing their creativity through hands-on projects and engaging lessons. From painting to sculpture, our curriculum sparks imagination and cultivates a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

Girl in  Art Class



Students dive into the enchanting realm of music and discover rhythm, melody, and harmony in a supportive and interactive environment. With opportunities to play instruments, sing, and explore different genres, our curriculum ignites a passion for music that lasts a lifetime.

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