Languages @ GISNY

When you listen to our students and faculty speaking in the hallways before and after school or in between classes, you'll quickly realize that we are indeed a multilingual bunch!  We are also deeply committed to helping each and every student success at our school. To that end, we provide a range of support programs to ensure all students maximize their learning experience. 

Lower School 

Kindergarten (ES)
Bilingual approach with one German and one English speaking teacher.
First  & Second Grade
Students receive targeted language support through our GermanPlus program. In grades one and two, an additional resource teacher works in the classroom for specific hours in the day. 
Third & Fourth Grade
Students work in three differentiated learning groups on projects in German for two of the seven weekly hours that German is taught. 

For more details regarding our language programs in the Lower School, please read the section Lower School German Department  and Lower School English Department under Academics. 

Middle & Upper School 

  • English

Three levels of English are offered through the end of grade 7 to provide students with language instruction based on their experience. English instruction continues with two course levels starting with grade 8, while also providing two hour afternoon enrichment lessons every other week to help grade 8 and 9 students make the transition.

  • Spanish | French

Students in sixth grade have the choice of Spanish or French as their first foreign language.

Seventh and eighth grade students attend a one-hour remedial French or Spanish class each week for the length of one semester, if they have not attended French or Spanish classes in sixth grade in their previous school.

  • GermanPlus | DeutschPlus 

GISNY offers students remedial help in German through our comprehensive program GermanPlus | DeutschPlusGermanPlus offers support classes for children who speak German as a second language in gr. 5 -11.

In fifth grade students work in three differentiated learning groups in German for two of the six weekly hours that German is taught. In sixth to eighth grade students, who get recommended by their German teacher, attend a two-hour remedial German as a second language class every week from 2:15 - 3:45 PM. In grades 9 to 11, one lesson each week is offered for individual writing practice for students with German as a second language.

Please review this link DeutschPlus where you will find programs to practice German at home. These include links to TV shows, on-line exercises, and language-apps and materials, which can be downloaded and the student can practice at home. 

We look forward to work collaboratively with you on this project. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 


Summer Camps 

If you would like to improve your children’s German skills and have them immersed in the culture on a daily basis, you might be interested in the following links which offer summer programs in Germany.

GLS educational consultant Tini Diekmann

Tel: +49 30 780 089-43

Goethe Institute offers language courses for kids and teens in Berlin, Vienna, Rangsdorf, and Michelbach.

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