Dual Diplomas

GISNY is the only school in the tristate area, where graduates earn both the NY State High School Diploma and the German International Abitur, a globally recognized diploma, which facilitates access to universities worldwide.

What is the German International Abitur (DIA)?

The German International Abitur (DIA) is an internationally-acclaimed college preparatory curriculum and diploma that provides an academically exceptional and culturally rich multilingual education to students of all nationalities and backgrounds.

The Abitur is the highest diploma awarded to secondary school students in Germany. The German International Abitur (or Deutsches Internationales Abitur, known as "DIA" for short) builds on the strengths of the traditional Abitur curriculum and adds a larger bilingual component. It is awarded at German schools abroad. 

The DIA is received after completion of a multilingual academic program culminating in oral and written examinations in both German and English. Students must also complete preparatory study on a selected project followed by a colloquium, in which special attention is paid to the student’s particular understanding of the covered subject matter. Additionally, GISNY students meet the requirements to confer the New York State High School diploma, which requires proficiency in the English language and the study of American History. Also, as part of  this program, upper school students are encouraged to actively participate in community service. 

By inspiring inquisitive, open-minded, independent thinkers with a robust, internationally-oriented and well-rounded curriculum of languages, sciences, mathematics, and arts, the DIA opens doors to the finest colleges and universities and creates a world of opportunities for its graduates.

Students in DIA programs become truly bicultural and develop into socially- and globally-conscious citizens. They have opportunities to Learn, Earn and Connect in a way that students of other academic programs do not.

The DIA is endorsed by Germany’s Federal Foreign Office, the Central Agency for Schools Abroad (ZfA), and the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the States of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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A list of colleges and universities our graduates have attended or are currently studying at in the US, Canada, the UK, and Europe can be found on our College Advising page.

To learn more about the DIA's advantages, please visit internationalabitur.org

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In the videos below our Head of School Mr. Lars Hierath highlights the advantages of bilingual education and the German International Abitur as well as why GISNY is unique in the tristate area and the importance of the seal of approval: Excellent School Abroad.

Bilingual Education (click cc for English subtitles)

German International Abitur (click cc for English subtitles)

What is special about GISNY? (click on cc for subtitles)

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