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College Advising

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A world of opportunity awaits GISNY graduates. We help support the journey forward.

A GISNY education provides students with international recognition, valuable connections, and a global spectrum of choices for higher education and future pursuits. Yet before students leave our campus, we want to ensure they have the support they need to realize their potential. 

College advisors work closely with families to help students find their paths and apply to their favorite schools, guiding them through the college selection and application process in the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Germany, and other European countries. 

Our highly individualized approach to college advising ensures graduates take advantage of every educational opportunity available. 

College Admission Prep

GISNY’s savvy advisors offer a variety of information sessions and workshops to prepare students and families for the college application process, including: 

  • Career orientation
  • Q&As with college graduates
  • Interview training
  • College fairs
  • Career day
  • Alumni panels
  • Community service opportunities 

Studying in the US

Our team provides expert advice and resources to help our students navigate the college application process, paving their way to success. College and university admissions officers take into account:

  • Comprehensive Grade Review: US colleges consider students' performance from grades 9 to 12, emphasizing the importance of consistent academic effort throughout.
  • Holistic Evaluation: Beyond grades, colleges value diverse experiences and contributions. Engaging in community service, leading in extracurricular activities, and demonstrating leadership skills are pivotal to standing out.
  • Standardized Testing: Achieving strong scores on the SAT or ACT is a critical component of the application, requiring dedicated preparation to meet college benchmarks.
  • Personal Insights: Through letters of recommendation and personal essays, colleges seek to understand your unique story and potential contribution to their community.

At select US colleges and universities, students who have earned the German International Abitur may receive college credits for their completed courses.

Upcoming Events

College & University Acceptances

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Our College Advising Team

Klaus Himmelstein

Klaus Himmelstein

Kelsey Melkonian

Kelsey Melkonian