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At GISNY your child will learn how to think, not what to think.

Your child will develop a love of challenge and dedication to achievement in GISNY’s innovative bilingual academic program, where an emphasis on languages, STEM, and nature-based learning builds bright, responsible global thinkers. 

Known for distinctive international excellence for more than 40 years, GISNY academics blend a rigorous curriculum with vibrant global and local culture, as well as the arts and athletics. It’s a challenging yet supportive approach to education that is unique to our international school community. 

GISNY is a truly international school. Beginning in Pre-K, students study both English and German and add either French or Spanish in grade 6. This multilingual approach prepares graduates to continue their education in first-class learning institutions around the world. 

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Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

The benefits of SEL are well-researched, and there is ample evidence that an educational environment that promotes social-emotional learning produces positive outcomes for students and the school community.

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Student Services

Our team is dedicated to delivering an inclusive, accessible education for every student. We focus on developing academic and behavioral strategies that empower every student to reach their maximum learning potential.

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College Advising

Our college advisors collaborate closely with families, assisting students in discovering their paths and applying to their top-choice institutions. They provide guidance throughout the college selection and application process in the US, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, and other European countries.

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