School Life

School Forms and Permission Slips

Below are important forms and permission slips:
This form needs to be updated each school year. Please use updated form effective immediately.
2. Playdate Permission Slip
3. Guest Student for One Day
Please fill out this form and submit to the school at least one week prior to your visit. 
4. Class Trip Permission Form & Administration of Medication 
Parents should complete this form and return it to the student's teacher.
5.  Student Activity Permission Slip
For school dances, movies nights, etc.
 6. Technology Agreement Form
For new students in Grades 5 and up.
 7. Physician's Health Certificate Form (Pre-K - gr. 12) 
 8. Homework Supervision Enrollment Form
Please also read the sign-up instructions under After School Program.
 9. Student Withdrawal Form  |   Abmeldeantrag
 10.  Questionnaire for Departing Families

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