News from the Steering Committee

School Development and Pedagogical Quality Management at GIS

The Steering Committee is regularly reviewing and evaluating the comprehensive school program and thereby have over the last few years developed new concepts and improved our syllabus and offerings.

What projects are we currently working on?

The Steering Committee is actively working on the following projects: “community cohesion”, “technology curriculum”, and “learning subjects in German”. The school will also soon approve a concept on “inclusion”. Furthermore, a group of teachers, students and parents are working on the project “green school”.

Parallel to this work, we also prepared the application for the "German School Prize." This is the first year that German schools abroad were eligible to apply.

What is the Steering Committee? 

German schools abroad are influenced not only by a high standard of responsibility and a wide spectrum of methods, but also by continuous change in the constituents of the school community. Keeping this in mind, school development and pedagogical quality management are of extreme importance. Each school must not only ensure quality management but continue to review and improve their school program.

The steering committee also makes sure that ideas and suggestions from all members of the constituent groups are taken into consideration and reviewed.

All members of the school community are welcome to join in developing the program at GIS. Our work can only be successful and sustainable if we are committed to the goals of our educational program.

 The following concepts have been completed and approved:

  • GermanPlus (English translation to follow.)
  • Learning Methods (English translation to follow.)

GIS has received the "Certificate of Excellence" from Germany's Central Administration for Schools Abroad (2014 & 2009).


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