School Life


Dr. Beatrice Kraemer

Dr. Beatrice Kraemer is a clinical psychologist, licensed in the State of New York.  Dr. Kraemer supports the GISNY community by:

  • Serving as go-to person for students regarding their academic, emotional and social needs and concerns.
  • Helping students to identify their goals, draft a respective plan and define and realize the steps to get there.
  • Meeting with teachers to discuss students’ problems regarding learning, behavior, as well as social and familial challenges.
  • Conferring with teachers regarding issues around discipline and behavior management.
  • Evaluating obtrusive andaggressive behavior and advise school on respective measures.
  • Conducting tests to screen for dyslexia, dyscalculia, cognitive performance/intelligence

Outside of GISNY, Dr. Kraemer has a psychotherapy practice and is specialized in all aspects of the parent-child relationship. She works with parents and caregivers in all existing family structures on the skills they need to support the children in reaching their full potential.

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